• Annie Liao Jones

    Annie Liao Jones

    Founder of Rock Candy Media rockcandymedia.com #theantitemplate

  • Susan Remmert

    Susan Remmert

  • Thee Gay Agenda

    Thee Gay Agenda

    Queer art collective based in Austin, TX. Celebrating otherness through togetherness since 2019.

  • Rhie Azzam Morris

    Rhie Azzam Morris

  • Monica Edwards, PhD

    Monica Edwards, PhD

    I am a Sociology teacher at a Community College, writing these posts for my students, for my sanity, for anyone willing to think towards something better.

  • Louise Tucker

    Louise Tucker

    Writer, lecturer, traveller. Publisher of It’s Never Too Late.

  • Tamara Leigh

    Tamara Leigh

    Creative aspirant who loves to find Synchronicity and Cosmic validation through her mediums. Nerdy for Learning!

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